4 Poems by Princess/Royal Reader


Wrapped around the world, a haunted past.
Incite the deepest joy, the future beckons
With a hand,
That bears no marks or signs of sorrow.
There, forgotten, lays an incandescent path
Leading to a field called Hope
Which lost itself inside our helpless thoughts,
Until a darkness came and took its hold.
Yet what will our tomorrow look like now?
Stark and ripe with our potential
Dreams upon a dream upon a world that weaves its healing.
Look to something new,
To something more;
A perilous yesterday burns and withers.
And we are stars who sail the rivers
And a hopeful world awaits.
We are the dawn.

Everything is Wrong

Leaning back against a swirling screen,
Graffiti like a mural on the wall,
Youth as self-imposing as a dream,
Travelers passing in a hurried crawl.
Turned off the TV, I want no pain;
Climbed away from grief on rusted rungs,
Drank a bottle down to keep me sane,
Now someone else’s smoke has filled my lungs.
I am here, the misfit of today.
In the night, I find where I belong.
To another alley, I shall stray;
I am drained and everything is wrong.

I Thought Myself a Poet

The place where my lungs sustain me
Is hollow;
Air collapses in my empty core.
Two dark wings and the things that scare me
Battle out in a full-fledged war.
I thought myself a poet
Or perhaps a mystery;
I saw myself excite the senses,
Part the hungry, frothing sea;
Breathe my life into a statue,
Draw the homesick swallow home,
Part the rain and the mist from nature
Rule them-
Claim them for my own.
I discovered, in my youngest days,
Without joy, the heart cannot exist.
And dismay rained down, as I revelled in truth:
I must be broken to be fixed.

Lost My Mind

Release the hold on all that pulls me back,
Forget the strangeness of two decades passed,
And gaze upon a dawning summer mist,
As something in the shadows finds the light.
I am a piano player in a room of soulful music,
Yet a player who forgot the notes, and cannot play a tune.
I’ve dived into lagoons from heights
That really should have killed me,
And yet I float upon a wave of something truly new.
I never left a room so full of glittered joy and heartache,
I’ll never see the stars that glow above;
But I will leave this empty world behind.
For all of those who say I lost my mind.

Princess is a twenty year old English student who reads, writes and blogs in her spare time. Her love of reading began at the tiny age of five, when she was given books by Roald Dahl to help improve her English in a new, foreign country.
In future, she hopes to pursue a career which revolves around reading or writing, or both. For now, she carries around multiple notebooks to jot down anything and everything, because life’s too short to keep the words locked in. When she’s not reading, she spends her time trying out new, crazy things. Her latest stints include beginning to teach herself the piano and joining the circus,which are proving to be quite the adventure.
Find her at her blog Royal Reader, where she rambles on about all things book-like.

If you are interested in having your work featured on Writings By Ender E-mail me your work at Writingsbyender@gmail.com!

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