Looking for Opinions on Blog Posts

Update 2/13/17: I’ve been getting great recommendations but I still haven’t found exactly the right type of post I’m looking for. I’m still scouring other blogs in search of an idea and I hope you guys will be able to help me still.

Writings By Ender has been growing since my effort to produce more content. I’m now producing 4-5 posts a week. You guys, my audience, seem to enjoy and appreciate most of my posts but what isn’t as appreciated are my Monday inspiration posts. This is fine, they’re a sort of odd thing, and in hindsight its a bit self-centric to write about your what inspires you and expect your audience to vibe with it. I want to move to posts that inspire community.

So in the interest of growth, for the pursuit of generating more engaging content, I come to my audience at large for advice. If you’ve never been to my site before, Writings By Ender is a place for articles on writing, book reviews, and fiction. I’m looking for a type of post that’s related to creativity and/or writing.

Leave a comment with an idea that you would like to see posted here every Monday. Give me as many suggestions as you want. I want to do a public recognition for the person who suggest the best theme. I’ll do some sort of plug on my Monday posts thanking the person who did the suggestions. Please come help me out. Every comment is appreciated.

22 thoughts on “Looking for Opinions on Blog Posts”

  1. If you’re looking to write about the creative process, perhaps you should describe the techniques you use for inspiration. For me, sometimes an idea for a story or poem just comes to me, but when it doesn’t, that’s when I look to journaling, reblogging, and prompt responses. I’d like to know what techniques you employ.

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  2. Psychological profile of an character in a novel,recently i start to read a book about developmental psychology,inspired me to write an poem ^Journey^is posted on my blog.I still wait on your rewiev on my poems.Thank you💞
    How to profile the character?

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  3. I like posts which have suggestions of inspiration, like individual words or phrases to be the basis of a creative project. 🙂 I also think it’s fun when people make lists of five or ten suggestions, or tips, like: “get up fifteen minutes earlier”, or “marmalade sandwiches”, or “stop and close your eyes” “only use orange” or something. 😀 ❤

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      1. It’s never enough:)) Would like to know your opinion on what kind of fiction is more marketable at the moment. It seems like magazines’ editors are very much into literary fiction with slow paced plots (or without any plot at all) and lack of action. This is my view anyway..

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        1. That is definite something to consider. I’m not very connected to the market though. If I did it it would be an Outsider’s perspective of the market and the trends I’m seeing


  4. Just a couple of another topics that potentially can be useful for commercial fiction writers:
    1. Scenes with 3 and more characters (how to keep the pace of the action, dialogues , etc. without missing out everybody).
    2. Scenes of battles (again with many characters involved).


  5. Maybe stick with what you’re doing — sharing something inspiring to you — and then pose a question for readers about what inspires them creatively (currently or in general.) Mondays are hard days for blogging and interacting because many are returning to work after a weekend. Another idea is to offer a shorter inspiration in the form of a snapshot, quote, song, etc., and then encourage readers to chime in with their ideas. I love everything I’ve read on your blog and look forward to reading more.

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  6. Maybe you could do a writing advice column? Sometimes I get stuck with a particular aspect of the writing project I’m working on, and it would be nice to have a place to get answers to my writing questions!

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