Flash Fiction: The Rooftop

There was a corpse on the rooftop when I got home. Didn’t have enough time to question it. It was dark and the fog was thick. There was rustling in the forest of trees surrounding my home. I ran indoors holding onto the childhood belief that one is safer inside. I pushed my furniture to block doors, drew the blinds and retreated to the study. I relocated my bookcase to block the window and locked myself inside.

The creature had talons. I heard them scrape on the shillings. It was dragging the corpse it left for me but I had no idea where. The clack of its long claws subsided for a moment. I moved the bookshelf to investigate. Red eyes bigger than my head peered back at me. The body the creature had moved from the ceiling was now limp in its jagged beak. I still couldn’t make out who it was.

Before I could move the bookshelf back there was a crash. The beast had shattered the window with its impressive beak. It thrashed about destroying the bookshelf and ripping apart the wall until it was big enough for it to fit. I was frozen. It wasn’t the imminent death before me that brought me to a halt. I was finally able to see the corpse it carried. The dead eyes, the pale skin and the lifeless flesh were all my own.

Today’s flash fiction was inspired by a post of the same title of by LateBreakingCatholic. Leave a suggestion for a prompt below and I’ll pick the best suggestion.

18 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: The Rooftop”

  1. Love the photo. I was wondering if it is yours? Might I be able to borrow it for a story it brings to mind? Your story is riveting and reminds me of a true story I heard years ago. How about that, two idea for stories from your one. πŸ™‚


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