Monday Inspiration: How to Conquer Hardships

Creatives, like everyone else, undergo hardships. Life can’t bend to our artistic whims and we’re forced to abide by the laws of reality. There will be hardships. In family, or friends, at work, or in our leisure the inevitable hardship will strike. The dedicated creative, the passionate worker is left at an impasse when squaring up with hardship. Do they back down on creative pursuits until the hardship passes, or do they otherwise endure fighting against the whirlwind. The artistically noble thought is the latter, of course, but the answer is often much more nuanced.

Those who brave the tempest come to realize a peculiarity of hardship: it has a way of distilling. We often spread ourselves thin to translucence on various projects and hobbies. While battling the tempest, there is no time for those extraneous things. In hardship forces you to sift through the life-crud and to focus on only what’s important. Hobbies go take the back burner for taking care of family and kids, but passions linger too. These passions which drove the creative to work, don’t get snuffed out by hardship. It does however, require sacrifices of lesser interests to maintain.

You may even realize after making various sacrifices for your passion that you still don’t have enough time in your day. This is where hardship begets inspiration. There is a new requirement with the realization of a still-existing lack of time: a change of perspective. You must now look at every facet of your passion and perceive it through a new lens of time-cost. You might find a simple and effective practice that you do but not often enough. You may also stumble on a time-sink within your hobbies that can save your productivity. Whatever inspiration and revelation it might lead, the requirement is deep introspection.

Don’t shirk your passion in the face of hardship. You’ll feel much better having braved the odds with your passion intact than with it in shambles. Write, paint, draw, whatever it is you do, in the face of disaster. Laugh in its face and create. Make sure the world, and anything in it, can’t stop you. That’s what it means to have passion.

7 thoughts on “Monday Inspiration: How to Conquer Hardships”

  1. Thank you Austin–today is the day I needed to hear that! I’m at work in a call center in a dysfunctional and frustrating department in healthcare. My heart cries out, I’m a writer! I’m a poet! What am I doing here…? I’m facing reality. I need to pay my mortgage and car payment but I also need to create. Thank you for reminding me of the importance in staying passionate and not giving up, not giving in and not quitting!

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