Flash Fiction: Homecoming

The rising sun backlit the bed in which Jason held Carla. They breathed air of just-finished passion. Both their faces radiated. Jason stared at his lover and said, “I love you.” Carla, pushed him away.

“You love me?” She asked. Her voice quavered. Her brows scrunched. “You weren’t supposed to love me.”

A spring of tears moistened her eyes. Jason studied the structure of Carla’s face. There was nothing more to say, Jason thought. As soon as her phone rang, it would all be over. Realization of the impending end impregnated the air with mournful silence.

Ring. Ring.

Rising from the bed, Carla answered her cellphone. “You just landed? I’m already here, I’ll be waiting for you.” She paused, “I love you too.” 

As Carla got dressed Jason pleaded, “Stay with me. He doesn’t love you like me. He left for the war all eager, like he was happy to leave you. He risked his life in the fucking war instead of savoring the one person that might’ve loved him.”

Carla looked back to Jason. Tears crawled down her face, some fell onto the fabric of her white dress. Finally she nodded, “I know. It would have been better if he never came home.” She closed the door behind her.

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