Media Inspiration: Intimacy From Psychology Today

Jasmin, my wife, got me a copy of this month’s Psychology Today a few days ago. The cover issue of the magazine was about intimacy. The article is called Getting Close, and I recommend this article for all of you. This article had me thinking about intimacy and its place within my writing. I searched myself and the themes that underscore my life for answers as to how intimacy plays a role in my writing.

“Social penetration theory, which defines the processes of relationships, holds that in building intimacy, whether with a friend or a romantic prospect, we engage in exploration”

Writing deeply in any form mandates a form of self-intimacy. You have to be able to dig deep within, support and augment, and deeply focus into yourself to create work that becomes truly a part of the cultural grain. Doing so isn’t easy. You have to explore yourself, to go into the uncharted waters of your heart to retrieve any gold. The path of exploration, of course, is filled with treachery and a leviathan of self-doubt ready to devour you entirely. This is the first way intimacy plays a role in my writing. I dig deep in exploration of myself on the page. I write to understand myself more fully and to come closer to myself than when I started at the page.

Intimacy fuels my passion for writing. Intimacy (this is referencing more than sex) with Jasmin was the impetus to get me writing. She realized when I was entrenched in self-doubt, that I wanted to write. She uplifted me. She got me writing again, and my life hasn’t been the same since. This intimacy now give me a sort of confidence and courage I didn’t have before either. It’s what makes writing on this site possible (I mean, who really likes to hear me ramble?), I keep at it out of love for making content. If even a modicum of this content inspires a writer to the page (or an artist to create), I’ll be happy.

There’s no way to avoid intimacy and its having significance in your art. Embrace those you are intimate with, including friends. Realize even they play a part of your soul, the sum of your own essence is forged through this intimacy.

19 thoughts on “Media Inspiration: Intimacy From Psychology Today”

  1. So true. It’s not really possible to write well without sharing the kind of intimacy you’re speaking of here. I always say I’m trying to bleed my soul onto the page.

    Writing requires a kind of honesty. Without it, you can’t get the reader to trust you.

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  2. Thank you for your post. I agree. Unfortunately, to bear one’s heart for the sake of intimacy can definitely invite a lot of hurt as well. Realizing the value of those who reciprocate vulnerability and take the time to respond timely to disclosure.

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