Flash Fiction: Portrait of the Uplifter

Frank was ignorant of his needing a savior. He’d lived in a pit his entire life. There was no life outside the circular brick dungeon his parents raised him. All he imagined of a world outside those walls was an infinite valley riddled with pits where others lived. Food came from buckets attached to a rope, and descended down three times a day. The food, Frank supposed, feel into these buckets from tall trees.

Frank’s rescuer bounded down on a lengthy ladder. The ladder quivered with the man’s sure footing. If Frank ever had imagine a hero, this would not be the man. The Uplifter wasn’t pristine nor noble in appearance. Soot blanketed the Uplifter’s body as if he too had lived in a pit. His eye sockets purpled plum and, if there ever were a glimmer in his eye, it had long vacated. Shoulders sunk into torso sinking into hips, the Uplifter looked less impressive than Frank. Unlike Frank the Uplifter did not bow to his circumstance. The ruin of his deteriorating body was testament to an indomitable soul. Frank comprehended this through the Uplifter’s steadfast eyes.

The Uplifter offered his hand to Frank, “Life out there is harder, but it much more valuable,” he had said.

12 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Portrait of the Uplifter”

      1. It’s more that he was so certain. Most people in that kind of situation would be repelled by someone bounding into their life scattering fleas and dirt everywhere.

        And with good reason: they have a comfortable place to live where food appears on their plates. In their imagination, an uplifter would be a nice, clean person.

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        1. So why would he have been positive about this event, when any normal human would have found it distasteful?

          Think of the event being a little like having to read more of my book… only not just three chapters.


        2. The purpose of these flash fiction for me is to have the reader question what may come next. I never intended to elongate a single piece of flash because I’ve short story projects in the works. I’m not trying to be dismissive just if you’d want to read a longer work, I promise one is coming soon in the form of a short story

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        3. I didn’t want a longer story. I wanted one that expressed the realities humans face.

          Why is it that so many people want a saviour, rather than to deal with the world they find themselves in… and discover that the bricks that surround them are actually little rectangular clouds that will part if approached in the right manner.

          But that right manner implies the person is prepared to deal with the world they live in.


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