Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration

I’ve found I’ve been lacking inspiration the last few days. It’s common writing practice to linger around until inspiration hits you, but that’s not what I do. It’s not what working writers do; we don’t have the time.

In times of an inspiration deficiency I seek three simple pleasures: reading, music, and social interaction. Reading is the core, the foundation on which my writing skill rests. I try to read daily, but I’m often thwarted by my own lethargy. In order to invigorate my inspiration a focus on reading is primary. I’ll be working on returning to the habit.

Music is for relaxation and perspective change I would otherwise miss. Music, especially within a wide array of genres, helps relieve the tension I generate myself. I love running this blog, but it can create a lot of tension. Music alleviates it. It is also a major inspiration as it helps me shift perspective away from myself, a tool which is useful for writers.

I’m an omnivert. I go between bouts of extroversion and introversion (I think a lot of people are this way, too). Frequently my desire for social interaction supersedes my desire to create content. Being social recharges the batteries, it keeps me running longer and leaves me more optimistic.

The point of this though, is to remind you, the reader, that you can’t trust your inspiration will just show up. There are things in your life that can actively summon it. Know what those things are and develop your interest and desire for those things. I suspect the benefits of such would be massive.


35 thoughts on “Mixed Media Inspiration: Lack of Inspiration”

  1. I love where you say that reading, music and social interaction are your favourite things as this is so similar to me! You also said that sometimes you can’t find time to read. That is a good point, I just cut out my music and social interaction though… probably not such a good idea : )

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  2. I definitely find music as a source for both relaxation and inspiration. But, my problem rarely comes from lack of inspiration, but more from lack of time. I wish I could just snatch a few hours of the day to work on writing and revising, as well as building my social media platform, but if I get a chance to do either, I usually have to choose between one or the other; and, as a working writer, you know that publishers expect authors to be social media experts.

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  3. I love that you talk about music, reading and social interaction being ‘simple pleasures’ as I find them good sources of inspiration.
    I’ve also just googled story inspiration and written stories from that before but it’s sort of cheating… : )

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  4. Can’t agree more with social interaction, which can be a surprising help when you’ve reached the end of the inspirational tether. Picking other people’s minds can be particularly fruiful!

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  5. I feel you! It sucks when I want to update my blog but I can’t seem to find the right words to put my ideas together and then I end up not writing at all. English is my second language, and as much as I want to hone it, if not master it ( I mean, who does), I don’t have the luxury because like what you’ve said, working writers don’t have the time!

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  6. I couldn’t agree with you more, it seems to be at the most strange moments my mind starts to ramble and i literally have to pull out my notepad, phone, whatever handy and start writing before i loose it, its something that is hard to plan. it always really helps to find a group of people who talk about the same topics as you!

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  7. Great article and discussion. If I may add my 2 cents:
    – On the immediacy with which inspiration “surprises” us: I keep an audio recorder on me at all times. When I drive (which is when lots of my “Eureka” moments happen) I keep it on my arm rest: be it line of dialogue for a script I’m writing or to sketch out an idea, or even just to unfold something out loud. When I leave the car that small thing goes into either my jeans or my “murse” (people still call it that? I’m 40 and don’t get out of the house much)
    – On rituals: the aforementioned driving does a ton for me, as does working out, washing dishes, uncluttering room or office and any other task that may get the monkey-mind busy with mechanics so the subconscious can come through; it’s not by accident that many accounts of discovery by scientists happen in the shower. It’s why those “surprises” occur to begin with. The so-called epiphanies happen when we give our creative (right side, female, intuitive – take your pick) brain some room to make new connections.
    Post 2 cents: As last resort just write the meaningless, unproductive, often negative, roundabout meandering going on upstairs. I find that setting it free helps with any clutter/blockage, clearing the path for Creative Flow to realign at last.

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  8. Thanks for the words of encouragement! It means a lot I was contemplating on doing this for a while and finally said I can do this, I have to start somewhere 😃So here I am! It’s great reading relatable and supportive posts. Thanks again ! Looking forward to reading more content of yours

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  9. So often i get inspired while reading others posts and when i get in an interaction.Music inspire me to,sometimes just the silence.But sometimes after reading some lines,i get stuck and blocked,like there nothing more to write.I guess it is a process.
    Love to you💝

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  10. Hi, this is a great post. I definitely need to learn to take time out to recharge my batteries.. i’m an unpublished writer, dreaming about mgetting a deal. I want to up my writing output, and therefore need to look to ways to enhance my inspiration.. thanks for sharing! 🙂

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      1. Hmm yeah.. that is true. I’m fairly good with discipline.. i think i struggle to give 100% when i’m writing. I want to, but i’m distracted by other things you know? Things i think i should be doing etc.. i need to learn to block out everything that isn’t important, and is only distracting me!

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  11. Thank you for the reminder–I was trying to figure out what to blog about today and happened to pull out a really interesting book that I’ve been reading, Find the Good. It really inspired the post that I wrote. I look forward to the quiet moments when I can write without interruption.

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  12. Hi I am a new blogger and it would be awesome if you guys checked out my blog I am a motivational writer and I admire bloggers that know how to be real and inspiring.
    If you live it share it and follow me !!!!!!


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