Flash Fiction: Happiness Happens

Vincent sat in the shadowed room alone. Besides his breathing, the only sound was of his wristwatch ticking and the tapping of his foot against the vinyl floors. The room was empty save a bed and the chair where Vincent sat. The chair and bed were on opposite sides of the room. Vincent looked at his watch using the illumination of streetlight.

He would be welcoming another year this way. The pain of the year prior would be washed away and the future looked a hint brighter. He was in a pit though. A pit of despair and suffering and escaping seemed impossible.

If he was going to find a way out, rather a way up. He would have to work harder than he had ever. The path up is riddled in obstacles, but that journey would be more pleasant than the oppressive depression. So he decided to climb; the year must be spent in ascension and not looking back.

Vincent looked away from his watch and smiled.

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