Mixed Media Inspiration: (YouTuber) John Hill

John Hill is a vlogger and skateboarder on YouTube with over 365,000 subscribers. With John Hill being a skateboarder and myself a writer, I’m sure some of you are thinking, “How am I drawing inspiration from him?” Inspiration can be drawn from any walk of life. Inspiration doesn’t cling to a preference of craft, it reaches beyond all disciplines. Inspiration encourages the melding of thoughts from dissimilar practices to achieve an entirely different product. To me, it makes nothing but sense to draw my creative energy inspiration from John Hill.

I first encountered John Hill as a YouTuber on another channel, Braille Skateboarding (see the trend here? Skateboarding videos are delightful.) When I saw John skateboard there was something inherently different about him. Firstly, his tricks were more crisp than others I’ve seen — a clear example of a Juggernaut of discipline. On that basis I started watching his videos and growing to endear his positive outlook. It was obvious from his drive and his discipline that he was going to grow to do other things. It didn’t take long for me to hear about the brand he launched called Progress Daily.

Progress Daily is still in an infantile stage in terms of products. Despite that, it’s clear this brand is about much more than skateboarding. John has had an almost obsessive commitment to bettering himself as a person and skateboarder. Progress Daily is about bettering yourself and the world the best ways you can. This is why John Hill is an inspiration. He is a proponent and exemplar of hard work and its dividends.

Despite being in entirely different primary disciplines, John and I both have an obsessive commitment to better our crafts. For that, I thank John for his videos and I hope my audience can see what I see in him.

What inspires you that’s outside your discipline? What keeps you going even though you don’t deal with it everyday? Like this post and leave a comment with your response!

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