Write Up Wednesday: Writing Again

I haven’t a choice. I’m writing again. I lack the discipline right now; work and life delay progress of works that could’ve been long-finished. So I have to chase discipline and make it serve me. Discipline will follow devotion.

I’m mid short story right now. I’m branching into other genres trying to expand the borders of my writing territory. It’s challenging. My mind is rigged in following old patterns, to budge it is taking considerable effort. Regardless I am trying something new. I’m working on a post-apocalypse/dystopian story. I won’t degrade my writing for the genre though. Any genre I venture in will still have part of me embedded. The goal is to make another collection, like Bonds That Bind. There will be more shorts this time, I’m thinking 10-12. It will take a while since I only have 1 story done, From A Hundred Pieces. I will take a while to develop.

I’m also planning a novel, which will be using my aptitude for short stories. I want each short to represent a story a character is telling the others. It will probably not reach full novel length, 60-100K words, but it will certainly reach novella size (17-40k). Since I’m an independent artist, and don’t have to worry about how to pitch a novella to publishers. I’m happy for this idea to be that short. The plan is to stop short story writing around the March-April time frame to start it. This will put my short stories on hiatus.

I know I’ve said this when I started my last novel project, which I still haven’t abandoned entirely, but I’m going to get this one done. I’ve many unfinished ideas that are haunting me. One of those haunts is the short story I’m currently working on. I will get back to that novel, but now isn’t the time to write it. My development is still infantile, writing it now, so inexperienced, will lessen the impact that the story is capable.

In other news I’ve been interviewed recently by Book Born Blog. It’s fun to do interviews and I hope to do more soon. It’s naive of me to do, but I imagine myself an famous writer doing interviews often. It inspires me to keep going. The dream-impetus for the dream.

I’m hindered but not incapable. There will be stories on the way soon. Hold on and you’ll see what I have to offer.

14 thoughts on “Write Up Wednesday: Writing Again”

  1. More than anything else, you sound tired — maybe you need to take a break. Last month I revised two chapters of my novel, and by the end was so exhausted that I simply had to step back from new fiction projects for a while. There is no expiration date on devotion; when your energy returns, so too will your inspiration.

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  2. I hate those lulls, I always find the more I write the more I love it. Although I shouldn’t say too much because my stories have also been on hold for a while… But hey, I hope you’re doing good anyway!

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  3. Thanks for the follow.

    Since May, 2015 when I began preparing for the Nanowrimo of 2015, I write everyday. No breaks. It has helped my writing tremendously. I do it the first thing in the morning. I write for at least an hour a day. I get up, feed the cats, get a cup of coffee and write for at least an hour. For the rest of the day, I don’t feel guilty about not writing for the day. I do find that my writing goes much better if I know what I am going to write. So I spend a little time before I go to bed, thinking about the next morning’s writing. Also I find that I don’t have to wait on the inspiration for what to write. It shows up. Not always everyday. But it knows where I am.

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