Write Up Wednesday: Pet Peeves

Dario Cannizzaro of the captivating short story collection Of Life, Death, Aliens and Zombies, and my colleague and co-founder at Beautiful Losers Magazine invited me to take part in this blog hop. I don’t normally do these sort of things, but the theme fit well with my Wednesday posts.

I don’t try to hide my pet peeves, at least not my writing ones. I’m transparently peevish about generic and non-expressive writing. I would even deem such writing bad. My  experience of the written word (and of the totality of my life) inspires me toward unique expression. The emphasis here is in “unique”. Media is saturated with generic phrases and “cliches” which people then use for themselves. No such generic-expression will ever satisfy my craving to communicate.

Stephen King is the writer I mention when I bring this conversation up. Setting aside the blasphemy I may be accused for later, Stephen King isn’t a great writer. There are only hints of literary techniques within his words. HOWEVER, where King has exceeded and in all earnestness become a paragon, is in story-telling. King is one of the best story tellers I have read and it continues to impress me. These are the two different writers and looking though the lens of the former, the “literary” writer. Lazy writing infuriates me.

Writing in with unique expression requires slowing down. It mandates mulling over words as you write. A reader of mine from some time ago called this “pre-writing” as if it were a sin to consider words and their usage.

There are a literal plethora of stories to tell. Many of them are carbon-copies of a familiar theme. There are writers who can stun an audience purely on a story but those are sparse. There are writers like me (and far beyond my capability) that can make a common story glimmer with uniqueness, of freshness of sentences and paragraphs. The latter is the writer I strive to become. So those who are loose with a common phrase or explain every incredible moment as “indescribable” earn a spot on my top peeve violators.

3 thoughts on “Write Up Wednesday: Pet Peeves”

  1. I beg to differ – in a strange way. As a reader, I want to be told a story: I want to be transported into the world of the story I am reading. If it is badly written, that doesn’t happen. So, for me, Stephen King is a great writer: he is the only writer that I have read non-stop to finish a book from start to finish in, 24 hours. Yet there are some ‘classics’ that I have started reading that I have had to put down because it was more about the literary and less about the story – for me.The skill is knowing your audience.

    I do, however, agree that there are way too many writers, “…who are loose with a common phrase or explain every incredible moment as “indescribable””.

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