Write Up Wednesday: Reminder To Self: You Are A Writer

Reminder To Self: You Are A Writer.

I’m intimately aware of your doubts countering this but doubts don’t add up to truth. You make art; not all of it is good, not all is garbage, all of them are lectures reminding yourself of identity. Art seeped into your blood and melded with your DNA the second you cried to let the world you were alive. Creativity craves your invocation; it knows it’s your shepherd.

You are a writer not thanks to your talents but to your dedication. Your aimless stubbornness found a home in honing this single craft. Navigate the pitfalls with it. Rejoice with it. Brood with it. Be steadfast in your dedication because it will pay off. The compensation mightn’t be with money or in being renown. The only payment worth the time is the body of work left behind each of which represent the multitudinous man you’ve become. Grow. Write. Rejoice.

10 thoughts on “Write Up Wednesday: Reminder To Self: You Are A Writer”

  1. So you are a writer too … Good.. I always write for love , not for name or fame …the only satisfaction I think is to be read , at least by one reader who does not seek name, fame or compensation or recognition… Someone who loves to read you..

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