Write-Up Wednesday: Growing

I’m taking steps to grow the Writings By Ender presence. Some of you might have noticed the upswing in content over the last few weeks: Write-up Wednesday, Fiction Analysis Friday and of course a short story whenever I get it done. I want to blog a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule like I mentioned in my previous post. Unfortunately there was no significant help in the comments section of that post But that’s a lesson I’ve learned (No more multiple topic blog posts).

In a dual effort to engage my audience of some 7,000 and in an effort to get a real opinion of what you guys think, I’ve started a poll section in the sidebar of my site. The topic of this poll is “What Should My Weekly Monday Post Be?” I left up two ideas of my own but I’m excited to hear your opinions. If you do have a comment to add another idea, the poll actually has an external link where you can leave a comment. I’ll also be keeping this poll as a regular feature of my site, all the questions of the polls will be either writing or blogging related.

I’m also looking at changing the layout of my website. I’ve actually already changed the theme but the format remains mostly the same. I’ve noticed that a viewer can read a good majority of my work without ever leaving the front page, which is good for the reader but bad for getting any real metric to what people click and look at. Unfortunately I haven’t much experience with webdesign. So I’ll be looking for a designer who’ll be able to help me structure this website into 1.) Something that is a bit more visually pleasing and 2.) Encourages you guys to look more into my site. If you have any ideas, please let me know in the comments.

I also want to please you, my readers, I love what I do. I love it more than anything else I’ve done in my life, but the goal was always to share my passion of writing. I want to share it, and the journey it’s been taking me on to everybody. Not just writers, editors and readers, but anybody. To do that, I need to know how I can be more accessible. How can I be more engaging? How do you think I can run this blog better? Do you have any advice at all? Please leave it in the comments.

P.S. Yes, I am purposefully avoiding writing about U.S. politics.

23 thoughts on “Write-Up Wednesday: Growing”

  1. I will work on being more active on your site. I’ll post more comments, participate in the polls, offer something in the short stories you write.

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  2. I know that once I really dedicated to developing my character list with a certain writing exercise my fiction truly evolved. My suggestion is take, Monday for example, and right side stories for previously developed characters. Place them in very odd, irregular situations and from the perspective of that character have them deal with the situations. It’s fun and you learn and create so much of a deeper character that way.

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  3. On your own write 100 descriptive sentences for each character. Do that without thinking much about it, just on a whim, sit and write as quickly as you can 100 descriptive sentences for a pro and antagonist you’ve developed.

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  4. You could try getting your viewers a little more involved by asking them if they could send material to write your stories around. So for example once a week your visitors could post pictures or a single word, you’d have to write a short story based around the image/word you liked best.

    Might be fun 🙂

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      1. I just had the thought actually Austin (because I have begun reading other blogs and am absorbing how people are writing and doing things) that in my last few posts I think I have lost a little of what I got on here to do and that was to explain things to myself and in doing so help others see life through my eyes and through my experiences perhaps feel less alone because we are all here having the same lessons – so I think my 2 cents worth would be to stay true to your inner compass – I haven’t been following you long and don’t know how many followers you have but the thing I love about this space is the connections I am making and that is the most important thing. By staying true to yourself you make the right connections and the people who turn up are the ones sent for you to benefit and learn from. Phew that was a long comment sorry dude – never encourage a writer to say what’s on their mind haha good luck as I said – I will enjoy watching your journey 👌


        1. Crickeys hope I didn’t sound like I was a ranting – the trouble with comments section – I was actually in a very peaceful reflective mood. That time of day here – twighlight. I’m sure you will be fine and yes ONLY good can come from the authentic soul 👌💚

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  5. Regarding full posts on your home page: you might consider using the “Insert Read More” icon on the WordPress editor – that’s the one with a solid bar, dotted line underneath, and another solid bar. Start your post intro with a hook to draw interest, then using that button to insert a — Read More — tag, followed by the rest of your post. On your main page, it will show text up to the Read More tag then put in a Continue Reading button that leads to a dedicated page for your post that metrics can track better. The Continue Reading button doesn’t show on the dedicated page. It still isn’t perfect and will not stop people from giving you Likes from the Reader without bothering to read your post, but it’ll get you a little closer.

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