Write-Up Wednesday: Novel and Friday Weekly Posts

I made a decision this week about what project I should work on. It’s pretty clear that I should work on a novel next. Not only that but I’ve decided to stick to the novel I really wanted to scrap. I’ve been reading “The Art of Slow Writing” by Louise DeSalvo, and in it is a section about sticking with your writing projects even when you feel like giving up. It wouldn’t be fair for me to quit on the project just yet. At the heart of the novel is a concept that I believe in, and even if the first draft doesn’t work out, I’ll have plenty of time to revise. What is important though is that I don’t stop. Pushing forward with this project will be the best thing for me to do as a writer at my current skill level. I’m going to be anxious (like I am for the short story I’m writing.) I’ll even have major doubts. But if I stick through the process and trust my judgment, I know that a good result will come out of it. So yes, I’ll be continuing my novel which is currently at 16,000 words. I’m going to need a lot of support and a lot of luck.

I want to have even more material on my blog. I want to average about 2-3 posts a week and right now I’m averaging about one. With Write-Up Wednesday I’ll always have one post a week (and I hope it’s at least interesting to see what I think, what I’m going through and what decisions I make as a writer). If I get a short story out that week then it’d be two posts. This is what I have imagined for Writings by Ender right now: Two posts a week, Write-Up Wednesday and another post on Friday, then a short story on Sunday whenever I get one finished. So this week you’ll see another post, Fiction Analysis. I have some ideas as to what I’ll do with it. I’ll be grabbing passages that interest me from whatever book I’m reading. If I’m reading non-fiction (like I’m reading now), I’ll defer to a book I’ve read in the past and pick a memorable quote.

I won’t be focusing on technical bits at first. I’ll try to tackle tone, strength of metaphor, use of language, structure, and I’m sure a few other things will come to mind. Overtime, I hope my ability to dissect a passage will improve. It’s an exciting idea for me, and I hope you will appreciate it as well (at least appreciate any insight I might have on a passage.)

On a completely separate note, I’ve started writing the short story. It’s currently untitled but I’m thinking of something related to trees and/or wood. I’m using techniques I’ve learned in “The Art of Slow Writing” to try to write better fiction. So far I think I’ve generated more original and better-thought-out fiction but we’ll see how it translates to the reader. I’m really taking my time on it. It probably wont be done this week. I’ll probably have it just in time to post next Sunday. I’m pretty excited about it, though. The idea stemmed from a single thought, a single scenario, and I’ve been running to interesting places with it.

2 thoughts on “Write-Up Wednesday: Novel and Friday Weekly Posts”

  1. Novels are hard my friend. I’m on my second draft and I’ll be edging 16grand here shortly. Remember “Dear writer you must tell the story to yourself, before you can tell it to anyone else.”

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