Write-up Wednesday: Novel or TV Pilot?

Hey everybody, hope you’ve all had a good week so far!

I’ve been working on my coming short story collection “Bonds That Bind” for sometime now. It’s edited and ready to go for this Saturday. I’m excited and I hope to see some support on my endeavor as an indie writer. I’m toying with the idea of giving out some free copies to people who would review it but I’m not sure if I should yet. If you have anything to say about it, or want a copy to review, leave me a comment below.

I’ve mentioned this before but my writing process is morphing into something more deliberate. I’m not sure how it will play out in fiction, but I hope it yields more sophisticated work. I’m at least changing my process in hopes of achieving more complex and better put together work. I’m starting a lot slower in the beginning of my stories. I’m jotting down thoughts/ideas and I’m just letting them sit near other ideas on the page. It’s like a brainstorm session with just concepts and images. There’s some plot as well. I’m nearly done with this step for my coming short story. After that I’d go on a series of drafts and edits. The edits would start broad and become more fine and intricate. We’ll see how it goes.

Now to the title of this Write-up Wednesday, Novel or TV Pilot. People close to me know that I have a close relationship with TV and movies. I love these mediums and I think that the way I do drama can translate well into TV or a movie. So I’ve been toying with the idea for a while to write a TV pilot. If I do decide to write a pilot, the novel, whose fate I haven’t fully settled on, would get postponed until after. I have some friends with connections to the TV world so getting it seen wouldn’t be impossible, I would just have to write killer material and make sure my formatting was impeccable. I’m equally attracted to both ideas so I thought I’d ask for your opinion. Which should I do first: novel or TV pilot? Comment with what you would like to see happen first.

Also if you have any tips to how I can better this blog, please let me know.

4 thoughts on “Write-up Wednesday: Novel or TV Pilot?”

  1. Having done neither through to fruition yet, my thoughts on TV Pilot v. Novel are weightless, flimsy things, but here’s my take on it: A novel can be a large item, but it has boundaries– at some point, there will be a page upon which THE END is written, and there’s fewer people whose opinions you have to bow to (you, editor). With TV, even if the run isn’t “until the ratings give out,” there’s rather looser borders and more potential oars in the water (producer(s), director, the people saying the lines). The pilot is likely to be a shorter object in total, given the rough minute per page guideline, but I imagine there’s at least as much effort in preparation as for a novel because one has to anticipate the green light and have at least a sense of how the rest of the season descends from that pilot.

    A novel seems like less worry to me, plus one doesn’t have to wrestle with the lay-out oddities of a script.


    1. Dirck, thank you for the thought-out reply! We’re on the same page, somewhat but the part of the TV pilot that I actually be working on is just the script, I highly doubt I’ll be working with producers or directors. I’d basically work on it until its as polished as I’m able to get it (Including formatting issues) and then try to pitch it. While pitching it, I could easily work on my next project. So I don’t really know


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