Write-Up Wednesday: Lots of Updates

I’m trying to develop Writings By Ender into something more than short stories and poetry. I want it to be a place I can talk about my process and other writing related subjects. I also want the site to become more like blog so people can tune into my writing life. Write-Up Wednesday is part of that effort to have a more periodic conversation with my readers as I continue writing. Write-Up Wednesday will be a full written account of my weekly writing process and any other details I want to cover that week.

The first thing I want to talk about is the novel. I’ll continue to be hush-hush about the contents of the work. The novel is currently at 16,012 words but I am completely unsatisfied with the way I took it. With the way I write I don’t always have a full plan in mind. I usually have a character and a what-if situation. Then I use what I know, or make up about the character to navigate the situation. My first attempt at that in my novel threw the story in a direction I’m not to happy about (I’m actually completely dissatisfied.) So I’m scrapping it. Yep, just like that I’m scrapping it. But don’t worry if you were expecting a novel from me eventually. I’m either going to rework this old idea or press forward with another idea I had. I’m going to think them both out thoroughly before I commit.

This means that in the meantime I’ll be writing short stories again. I’ve already given you my first short story after my break with “We Bleed Together.” I’m actually really happy with the way it turned out. It has the feel that my audience is used to as I try to explore some themes I was interested in. I’m also already in the idea development phase of my next short story (which means I’m letting the idea stew while I write an occasional note about it.) I’m pretty content with where I’m at in writing but I’m still challenging myself with the short story form. I want to take my writing a bit slower. I’m not sure what that means for how often I’ll publish(still probably every other week) but I want to get closer to the piece I’m working on. I’ve been reading The Art of Slow Writing, and it’s convinced me that I need to find ways to slow down. Hopefully you’ll enjoy the result of my slowing down.

If you haven’t seen my tweet yet, I’m coming out with a short story collection. Unfortunately for my readers it’ll be a collection of my six best short stories from Writings by Ender. This means you might’ve already read all the stories in the collection. I’m not going to remove the short stories, and I’m going to continue to push out the collection. I understand if you don’t want to pay for my stories (since they’re freely accessible), but if you are inclined to support me by spending 99 cents on my coming collection, I would really appreciate it.

Lastly, my magazine Beautiful/Losers is primed to drop our first issue this month (there’s so much going on this month!) There will be a lot of material you haven’t read, and can’t even read form our Medium page, but there might be something by yours truly that you’ll recognize.

I’m constantly dumbfounded by the amount of support I’ve gotten from you guys. I really want to do right by this blog and to my audience who encourages me to keep writing. If there’s anything you personally want to see, anything you want me to improve on, or you just want to let me know, leave a comment or send me an e-mail.

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