The Mind-wandering Wanderer

The wind told the boy to live
To be unique bold and free
He, although greatly pensive,
Grew to a man who could see
The person he couldn’t be
So his soul became wild
Still the wind filled him with glee
Like when he was a child

Fire, such insanity
Taught the boy about passion
But left harsh reality
He grew up to fear action
Lost even his compassion
Depression would stay awhile
Leaving his spirit ashen
Like when he was a child

Water had its own design
The boy was to grow up calm
With heavy heart but a clear mind
He grew up without aplomb.
Calmness disarmed that bomb but
Grief and joy left him beguiled
Still, of life, he had few qualms
Like when he was a child

Mind-wandering wanderer,
The boy, nature’s brainchild
The idle time-squanderer
Like when he was a child

11 thoughts on “The Mind-wandering Wanderer”

  1. I’m into poetry
    Its part of my life
    Not into the formats
    That is until haiku
    tanka Japanese
    Ways with meaning
    Not yet understood
    But like the old saying
    Practice makes good
    Non the less when
    Composing like this
    I do it my way
    No format just me
    Words from my heart.

    Was I just ranting
    Well a bit maybe
    To thank you was
    My honest intent
    Feeling inspired
    I will leave you
    A link a thank you
    Pray tell what you think

    If you have the option switched on you’ll get a pingback too.

    Take care, and wishing you all the best for 2017


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  2. Let me fall in love.

    To color the sorrow with rainbow of heartbeats.

    To cover the tears with smiles.

    To dream in land of happiness.

    To walk in clouds over the castle of love.

    To be sparkle of your soul.

    To be a star on your sky.

    To stay when sadness is gone.

    To embrace your soul in shining night.

    Let me fall in love.



    Your heart

    Copyrights reserved

    If you like it you can share it

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