Guest Post: Abbey Escudero, First Sight of Happiness

Heart pounding,
Lips beaming.
Shamefaced and stammered,
While walking through each other.

As our hands lock,
It tingles back like a poke of shock.
A strike of light hits
As our eyes exultantly meet.

It’s a bursting silence of treasure,
An atmosphere so pure
As butterflies flying above
For two people who found love

Regina Salve Escudero also known as Abbey on her Blog Wanderlust, is a graduate of BS Information Technology at St. Paul University Quezon City, Philippines. She can be contacted through her social media links.
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Author: Austin L. Wiggins

Austin L. Wiggins is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist from Southern California. He runs a blog called Writings By Ender where he publishes his work every Saturday. Austin is also co-creator and writer for the upcoming literature magazine titled “Beautiful Losers”.

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