Poetry Collection #4: Safe In Dreamscapes, You Can Go Far Kid, Grow Through

Safe In Dreamscapes

He walked with his dad
Down from Maple street
To the corner store
To buy franks and Bud

Was a dream of course
Dad died in ‘05
And the little store
Ransacked in riots

They crossed Terrence Bridge
That Timmy jumped off
Then took a left turn
And saw Timmy’s dad

Whose soul died in ‘Nam
But his heart couldn’t
Now lives in alleys
With his roommate Wine

Dad and Son both walked
Chatted about life
Like how Mom died next
Then the oldest son

Around the corner
A man with a knife
Eyes swollen, bloodshot
Freed his mind on crack

Dad and son dismissed
Man with the crackpipe
Who felt unnoticed
And the sting of tears

So he followed them
Stuck to the shadows
Where bitter men sleep
And the wicked hide

In plain sight and sun
The man stabbed the boy
Twisted his knife too

Blood spurted out fast
Draining his lifeline.
The boy called for Dad

But Dad wasn’t there
He was a loner
Bleeding to his end

Surely he would wake
But he still faded
Into the ether

Then there was nothing
No heaven or hell
He was but a corpse

Over long decades
His flesh decomposed
And nourished the land.

You Can Go Far, Kid

Eight and a half
By eleven
Black and white print
On simple page

A small gesture
Frankly, silly
Frankly, touching
The grey-scale sheet

A time of doubt
The kind gesture
Straightened my path

Not of success
But one of hope
And of support

The sheet of hope
Sits at my desk
A reminder
A sign forward

Grow Through

Two young lovers
Cheeks red, eyes bright
Held hands and kissed

The first boy said
“Before we met
I was a seed

Even planted
I couldn’t grow
But I met you.

You planted me
Among your roots
And I blossomed

My life sprouted
Because of you
And I’m grateful”

The second boy
Eyes teary, red
Kissed his partner

“And before you
I was alone
And neglected

I’ve found my peace
Found happiness
You’re my purpose.

So grow through me
My dear sapling
And reach the sky

Grow through me dear
And paint the clouds
A light violet

So when I look
To ponder life
You’ll be right there”

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