Rising Light

There was once within me an unconquerable umbra
It wouldn’t dare capitulate against my steadied will.
I would spin my wheels struggling against the shade
But that only made bloom the now-perpetual inner gloom

And soon there was a new overhead
With the Black Hole Sun that was prophesized from the garden
That promised an erasure of agony
And the eradication of charcoal rain.

But relief didn’t come for liberation galavanting on a white horse
Rather distress and despair crept over the horizon and devoured every ray
Once the veil of darkness eclipsed the God Helios
A smaller darkness crept in my pores and created within me a miniature abyss.

An unflinching persistence allowed me to walk the shadowed terrain
Where even the bright-eyed nocturnal hunter decided to remain hidden.
Behind a grey hill a light shone through pinpricks in the sky
The light was smaller than a strand of hair but brilliant all the same.

Gathering the elusive beams was the impossible task I dared daily
With time I discovered where it is easiest to find them
But it was always when it was most dark
There were times when I casted myself into oblivion and lost every strand I had.

Years would pass this way but the nocturnal poet became careful
Latching onto each luminous fiber and knotting them together.
In a process that dared to rival the slowness of evolution from single-cell to simian
I climbed the thread of precarious light to ascend above the valley of the shadow of death.

No heaven or other precious paradise awaited the prostrated poet
The spec of blue and green that whirled around Helios welcomed me back
And it told me “you know future misery and grief but there will be joy and bliss too”.
There’s more light here than I remember; a million-million minuscule radiations of happiness.


6 thoughts on “Rising Light”

  1. I haven’t finished this due to how heavy it is, both in the wording, expressions, imagery of it and the ideas themselves, not something to read past midnight before going to sleep haha. I love it.

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  2. Brilliant! I love the self control that I see grow within the narrator without them telling me they’ve gained it! I love this WordPress community filled with intelligent and wonderful people!

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  3. This carries the darkness of depression ‘distress and despair crept over the horizon and devoured every ray’. It does this well, calling for comment rather than the ‘like’ button. We need to know that we are loved as well as recognising our lows – ‘future misery and grief but there will be joy and bliss too’. Well put. Thank you.


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