My steps started timid but steadied in stride
Yet no matter the confidence I couldn’t shake the danger.
I prayed my steps become light and in my emotions assured
Because I walked where it was ephemeral; I walked where aircraft dared.

Miles from the ground on ashen nimbus
Which threatened to render itself back to water
The peril evident but below where blades of green puncture the scalp of the Earth
Even the weather is a menace of ruin.

There is no rain only hailstorms that recycle themselves into more savage ones
A clear sky is only an omen of something more brutal.
Human-heart shaped hail pummels the land
That has become decrepit like the morale of soldiers fighting a pointless war.

Not Woman, man nor child is safe under the inclemency
Deaths mount indiscriminately and God the all-powerful and merciful
Continues to write fatalities into his tragedy called a master plan
Or else God is powerless, or else He mastered apathy, or else there is no He.

But the flare on my transient kingdom transmits the promise of clear skies
Not the ones predicting future devastation
Rather the ones that old women paint as they sit at the park
And ones that forecast dreams and aspirations.

I walk above grey skies but there is never a day
I don’t relive the ruin I ascended from
And if there should be a day where I’m forced to descend
Let me take with me my beacon.

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