Surprise and Update (Meta Post)

I’ve been working on this pretty quietly for a while now (unless you’ve seen me on twitter), and it’s finally time to announce my latest project. I am the co-creator of a new LitMag called Beautiful Losers Magazine and we are going live this Friday (May 20th) at 12PM EST. We will be rolling out published works on initially and hope to grow from there and you can find us on twitter as well

Beautiful Losers Magazine is also taking submissions! Just send your poem, short fiction, or nonfiction to and we’ll get to you within 2 weeks. We’ve all been putting a lot of work into this project and we hope that the effort shines though this Friday!

Now to move to the future of this blog. I’ve been thinking about it for a while it’s best that I focus more on fiction than nonfiction. This means that as of now, I will be doing a rotation of short fiction and poetry every other week. Only when I have something of significance to say, will I write non-fiction (which I assume will be more rare). You (my readers, loyal or otherwise) will be be able to get a closer look at my progression as a writer which will result in more quality content. I’ve made this decision after carefully evaluating my goals for my writing career and taking stock of what is most important. I hope my readers understand and can be excited for what’s to come for Writings By Ender.

Thank you for your readership,


9 thoughts on “Surprise and Update (Meta Post)”

  1. First, congratulations on the magazine. I’ve been looking for places to submit. Being a “born-again” writer means I’m also, once again, a newbie so I gravitate to the newer magazines where I don’t feel so intimidated.

    I’m not much of a poem person. Wish I was but it just isn’t in me. Still, I look forward to reading your stories. You didn’t come right out and say it but I’m assuming you’ll be cutting down your posts to once a week, right? I’ll be here with bells on, Austin.


  2. Congratulations! I am so happy that you have organized your ideas and come up with this new literary magazine. Yes, I understand that at times our writing goals, schedule, and creativity can lead us to many prospects and thus make us feel confused but you have managed to build another platform for your ideas. Good luck Austin!


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