No Post This Week (Meta Post)

Due to a scheduling issue and my computer breaking down, I won’t be able to post anything this week. I’m in the middle of an article about my marriage and also (finally ) working on some new short fiction. But they are both a ways before they are posting quality. I hope you (my audience) is understanding of this problem as we move forward.

I would like to take this time to tell you all about a few things. Firstly, Writings by Ender is still accepting submissions (Just check the submissions tab above.) Secondly, I’m sorry to those who have sent me a submission and I didn’t respond to them. My computer broke down and I wasn’t able to email. Lastly, there is a possible project in the works for me. Another writer and I are working together and we are considering putting together a magazine in PDF version about writing, poetry, music, philosophy, politics, and other similar topics. Please let me know by comment or e-mail ( if you are interested in reading or writing for a magazine like this or if you have any ideas.

Thanks for your time,


3 thoughts on “No Post This Week (Meta Post)”

  1. I’m relatively a new comer to your blog. Still, I should have looked up at the top of your pages to see the opportunity to submit different categories of writing for your blog. I am interested in submitting this type of writing and will get busy on some pieces. I rather wait to commit myself to writings for your new endeavor though. There’s only so much time in a day and I’m using chunks of it working on a project I’m hoping will be a full-length novel, although it may just be a novelette.

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