Submissions Tab (Meta post #4)

To help writers get exposure, Writings by Ender has opened up their submissions to all types of writing.

About a month ago I said that I was accepting some submissions for guest posts on my blog. The guest posts that have followed that are the outcome of those submissions (there is still 1 more to go). Realizing the success of the Submissions I have decided accept submissions all year round for all genres of content.

If you’re interested click the new submissions tab above. Before I was only accepting short stories but I’m opening up my submissions to all types of nonfiction and fiction. Share this post with anybody you think would be interested in submitting their work to a blog, I want to be a place where anybody’s voice can be heard.

Thank you for your continued support,



Author: Austin L. Wiggins

Austin L. Wiggins is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist from Southern California. He runs a blog called Writings By Ender where he publishes his work every Saturday. Austin is also co-creator and writer for the upcoming literature magazine titled “Beautiful Losers”.

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