Guest Post: Kevin Klehr, Her Cat Was Yesterday’s News Feed

Kevin has two novels out at the moment which include gay romance, the afterlife, and a popular angel named Guy, titled Drama Queens with Love Scenes and Drama Queens and Adult Themes. Both these titles and his upcoming ebook, Nate and the New Yorker, are released through Wilde City Press.

Also keep an eye out for his short story, Conversations with an Angel, as part of the upcoming Bold Strokes anthology, Men In Love, to be released in April.

Author Facebook:

She sat near her window, no longer waiting for her life to begin. She had a huge circle of friends and she liked them all. She liked the pictures of David’s housewarming party. She liked keeping abreast of Laura’s wedding plans. But most of all, she liked Leah’s tales of Paris, after meeting a man there.

She felt secure with her new niche of friends. The old ones stopped ringing months ago as she never picked up the phone. Unlike her new friends, they always told her what they thought about her clothes, her job and her taste in men. With her new companions she never had to justify her decisions.

Her circle was always there when needed, just by pressing a button. No need to venture out into the cruel world where webs of people intermingled; drawing her closer to the ones she depended on when her emotions were low, but sometimes ripping her apart when they no longer depended on her.

Now she had safer paths to travel. No danger in her way. They were narrower tunnels that took her directly to the people that liked her, although they didn’t comment as much as they did before.

Lately she was drawing pictures. Pictures of herself as Laura’s bridesmaid or as David’s girlfriend. Laura and David liked these images, but they no longer commented the way they used to when she would share tales of her cat, Mitzi. She didn’t mind. Without their voices there was no danger of critique.

In her sink was the sticky tin that was used to bake her own birthday cake. Mitzi had licked the mixing bowl clean during the morning, as this was the feline’s only meal for several days. Now the forgotten pet laid on the floor, too weak to move, watching the birds through the glass while listening to her stomach rumble.

Our girl had a grin like a child sitting on Santa’s lap, as comments came flooding in once more. The words ‘Happy Birthday’ were being wished over and over again, even from Laura and David. The pictures she had shared of herself eating cake had sparked interest. She had countless friends all over the world. Who wouldn’t be happier?

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