An Apology

Hey guys,

I’ve been having a hard time at work and experiencing some major burn out. So because of this I haven’t posted anything an a while. However, I am currently working on my next short story and I promise it will be worth the wait! I’m working a bit slowly on it (literally a few sentences a day), but It will be finished within the next week or so. To that end, I’m going to Β need some serious encouragement so send me good vibes in my fighting burnout!


Austin from Writings by Ender

13 thoughts on “An Apology”

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  2. Feeling that way happens every day. I believe one thing. I had to deal with this myself. I’m in the process of changing it. What I found comforting is being ahead of the game. Just be ahead of the game of writing and not play catch up or keep up with daily life and chores and writing and work. Be 2 weeks or a month ahead. Release things when its good for you. Things might not be totally live or perfectly current. But will take the load off your shoulders and the burden you feel. Life is hard and so is coming up with a wonderful story. It takes time to nurture in your soul and your heart. You want it to be great. The pressure to post is a huge thing and it can burn you out. I found that out personally not long ago. Right now Im’ just waiting to release more. I want to make things up ahead of time. There are things you need to do. Type it out, proof read, re-read and ask yourself is this the book you want or story or post? Then bang! YES OR NO. Then hold it back if its not right. Work on many things all at once. The speed of a story goes so different for each one you work on. One could be done faster than another. Don’t rush your spirit through this. This work is about who you are more than getting it done. You grow and learn and live and love to share your feelings and what makes you special. Nurture it and let it grow through your work. Above all be patient and don’t settle for second best. Always put your best out there and that takes time to nurture.

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  3. I was experiencing the same ennui, Austin. But a voice came to me one night while driving home from work (Living in Los Angeles, this happens, OFTEN) and it said, simply, “WRITE! Who cares if it’s a word, a sentence, a couple of letters, or a revision of something old and forgotten. JUST WRITE!” So when you say :”literally a few sentences a day”, I think you’re WAY ahead…GOOD SHOW! BTW, thank you following AARTI (! I have returned the favor and look forward to our future exchanges of ideas (and yes, even words and sentences! πŸ˜‰ ) Cheers, Jamy

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  4. Hello. I like your names, both of them. Card fan I assume? I also like the fact that you wrote about different philosophical theories. I think you’ll like Horkheimer. Want to give him a try? Maybe you already have. He’s certainly interesting. Anyway, for all the above, I followed you back. Thanks for following me.

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  5. I have been down this road before. You stare at the screen before you (or paper) and blink several times, knowing you really ought to write, but just can’t bring yourself to do it.

    I try by jumping into something else. Leave the story that’s slogging you down and work on something fresh, or work on something old that you thought you were done with. Once you get back into the rhythm, you can revisit that slow piece (if you still want to).

    Remember why you want to write!

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