(Meta Post Follow Up) Prompt Submission Winner – Sailtheplains

The winner for end of July prompt submission contest is YouTuber and friend Katie at https://www.youtube.com/user/sailtheplains. On her channel, Katie does “Let’s Plays”, reaction videos, and video game and media reviews. If you’re into Gravity Falls she often has discussions and reaction videos from current episodes. She is also the script writer over at GF Public Radio which is a homage to the show done in a similar vain as Nightvale. They are currently coming out with an or 2 every month but there is a want for more episodes to come out. So if you video games, media review and a pretty unique and lively youtube persona, give Katie a chance!

She sent me the prompt via my personal facebook page which is my current hub for Writing by Ender in the Facebook world. The prompt will be revealed on Wednesday when I submit the weekly short story.

Until Then,

Austin Wiggins – Writing By Ender


Author: Austin L. Wiggins

Austin L. Wiggins is a poet, fiction writer, and essayist from Southern California. He runs a blog called Writings By Ender where he publishes his work every Saturday. Austin is also co-creator and writer for the upcoming literature magazine titled “Beautiful Losers”.

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