(First Meta Post) A Big Thanks, Future, and Prompt Submission

I wanted to first extend my deepest gratitudes to you all out there who have help me on the way to getting 250 views in just under 2 weeks. It might not seem like much but I never thought I one would want to even look at the things I write. So again thank you so much.

Now as for the future, I have a few things in store for my followers. The first thing is I plan on writing a type of episodic story for you all to follow. I’m thinking it’ll be a mix of sci-fi and fantasy but I’m not sure on the exact details quite yet. Plus if I write it this way it’ll be easier for me to put it in novel form if I so desire. On top of that I think I can write it in such a way to have you guys hooked.

Now I guess it time to talk about the prompt submission. So if you don’t know by now, I write all of my stories based on a prompt that I found somewhere else on the internet. I thought that it would be a fun/unique idea to let my followers and those who read this to post the prompt for me to write. Followers have from Today (7/23/15) until Sunday (7/26/15) to submit a prompt in the form of anything you want it in. It could be a youtube video or just a lyric from a song. Get creative with it and have some fun. On sunday I’ll pick the winner and I’ll do something for the winner but I haven’t found out what yet. (Maybe A feature in my blog?)

Well, that’s all I have to talk about, I hope you all have a good day!

Austin from Writing with Ender

2 thoughts on “(First Meta Post) A Big Thanks, Future, and Prompt Submission”

  1. Prompt idea: You’re surrounded by people who are the opposite of how you know them. Think of your friends, family, etc. and how the character would react to seeing them as the opposite of themselves. And then the character can meet the opposite of himself/herself.

    Maybe? Ehh.


  2. Hey, great idea! I did a whole 30 days of challenges based mainly on ideas I found of the internet. I was just thinking of writing a post to ask my followers to submit prompts too! Do you check out the DP challenges? They’re pretty good. You can check out the “30 day challenge” menu header in my blog if you’d like where I have links to where all my prompts came from.

    Here is one I am making up as I type: write from the perspective of a rabbit hatching an escape from a test lab. The rabbit can speak, and has a habit of using the following words, not necessarily in the correct context: compunction, spaghetti, juniper berry.


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