They Sat by the Small Pond, the Sun Was About to Set

They sat by the small pond, the sun was about to set. The old married couple looked out into the pond. They paid close attention to the ripples made by the ducks that floated there and looked to the orange and purple sky as they flew. The couple, presumably in their 50’s, looked tired. Not the kind of tired one would get from improper sleep but the kind of tired where one has become sufficiently fed up with all the tragedies the world had to offer.

For a moment, they looked at one another. The sun, in its final moments gave light to their golden brown skin and as if doing it for the first time in years, they joyfully smiled at one another. The older man looked at his wife and nodded at her knowingly. “The kids are all out of the house now,” he said in a deep baritone “and I think we did just fine.”

As they smiled again at each other the sun dipped past the horizon and the world became dark once again.

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