On the Edge of a Cliff

“It’s beautiful here, isn’t it?” One brother asks the other. They both sit with their legs dangling over a solitary cliff. In the distance is the setting sun blending in with the expanse of trees that fade into the horizon. The brother who asked the question, the significantly younger looking one, looked down at the the trees hundreds of feet below him. He took a minute to contemplate the trees not waiting for his brother to respond.

The older brother already knew his brother knew the answer. Of course it is beautiful. The older brother inched forward on the cliff. In a half attempt to keep up conversation he asked, “Have you ever just stopped and thought about life?” The younger brother looked up at him a bit surprised at the brother inching closer off the cliff.

“Every damned day of my life.” The younger brother said. This uncharacteristic outburst made the older brother stop in his tracks. The older brother had intended to inch himself off of that cliff. He had planned this whole day for this. “I have always thought I was the only one who thought that life was too monotonous. I look at the people pass by and they all seem so empty. How is it that only I could see that?”

The older brother wanted to respond. To tell his little brother that he too sees thing the way he did. However something stopped him from saying something. Like he didn’t want to openly admit how he felt about the world. In that brief moment of silence, the older brother saw his younger brother take his plunge off the cliff. He was stricken with grief and anguish as he saw his brother’s body fall into the vastness of the forest below. He wanted to follow his brother off the cliff. However, as he hear the faint thud of his brother’s body hit the floor he realized that the world wasn’t as bad as either of them seemed. If only he had just said something.

3 thoughts on “On the Edge of a Cliff”

  1. I felt sad reading this and thought of an alternative ending. The driver of a car finds himself imagining driving off the road soaring into the air but resists the impulse. He talks to his brother who is contemplating exactly that, explaining how broken and alone the remaining brother would be, they instead together embark on a journey to build and share stories. You write well setting up the scene and obviously to me can connect to your audience via your writing.

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