Fahrenheit 451 a Book Review

Here's a review I did of Fahrenheit 451 from about a year ago. It's nice to read my opinions on these works with some distance between. #amwriting #amreading


One Sentence Challenge #6: Saying Goodbye

Congratulations to Kira at Kira Scribbled for her great post on challenge #5. Her entry reads: Lying alone amongst the wet leaves, I desperately search for you in the sliver of heaven at days end. Another shout out to Leigh Reynolds, who continues to support this challenge and providing beautiful sentences as well. His spirit was… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #6: Saying Goodbye

Bloodline (For Dad), A Poem

Sometimes I still feel like the teenager Who took silent escapades into our living room closet To look at the thing your blood unknowingly passed to me I remember the fresh gossamer riddled closet The dust ridden portfolio case housing your past life. I will never forget your story Dad, the artist with lead and… Continue reading Bloodline (For Dad), A Poem

Solid Ground by Jeff McKown, A Book Review

I happened on Solid Ground by Jeff McKown purely by chance. It was one of those coincidences only social media allows, that my review on Letters to a Young Poet brought on. The work was dreadfully beautiful. McKown finds the most ignoble traits within a person, and, instead of caricaturing them or forcing about melodrama,… Continue reading Solid Ground by Jeff McKown, A Book Review

One Sentence Challenge #5: The Anticipation of Fall

Congratulations to Tamo over at https://tamo4u.wordpress.com/ for winning last week's challenge, On a Forest Road Wild, like a forest she kept loving me until on a forest road, I lost her, again. As I’ve said every week, the point of a one sentence challenge is write the most perfectly written sentence that you are able. It is… Continue reading One Sentence Challenge #5: The Anticipation of Fall